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Rotary International is one of the largest service organizations in the world. Our global network of 1.4 million neighbors, friends, and leaders volunteer their skills and resources to solve issues and address community needs. Its stated mission is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through [the] fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

Initially the club was chartered in 02nd of Jun’2006 by a group of volunteers friends having as first elected president Mr Mihai Alexandru Voicu with the support of Anca Manea and Dan Cretescu, President Rotary Club Atheneum 2006-2007.


The club with 19 members have been re-chartered in 10th of Nov’2009 as the only English speaking club from Romania in a ceremony was conducted by Anca Manea (Assistant Governor 2009-2010) with support from:

Dorin Prunariu (President RC Bucuresti), Meda Vasiliu (Secretary RC Bucuresti), Dumitru Oros (Past President RC Bucuresti Atheneum), Mihai Ionescu (Secretary RC Bucuresti Atheneum), Bogdan Manea (President RC Bucuresti Continental), Geta Gheorghe (President RC Bucuresti Triumph), Florin Micu (Vicepresident RC Bucuresti Triumph), Ion Stavre (President Elect RC Bucuresti Triumph).

Boards of Club Rotary Bucuresti Levant


2006 - 2007: Mihai Alexandru Voicu

2007 - 2008: Madalina Turcanu

2008 - 2009: Adriana Palasan

2009 - 2010: Adriana Palasan

2010 - 2011: Cristian Fugaciu

2011 - 2012: Alin Neacsu

2012 - 2013: Giani Bunea

2013 - 2014: Laura Simion

2014 - 2015: Igor Josephus Jitta

2015 - 2016: Giorgiana Tecuci Paltineanu

2016 - 2017: Ahmet Hamdi Demirel

2017 - 2018: Mara Manea

2018 - 2019: Laura Simion 

2019 - 2020: Sorin Danaila

2020 - 2021: Sabin Volciuc-Ionescu

2021 - 2022: Olcay Kizil

2022 - 2023: Mihai Tanasescu

2023 - 2024: Catalina Mihaela Moga


Following years club developed and run multiple charity projects under the board elected and members support.

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